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Adventure Bar Story Featured Cover

Adventure Bar Story MOD APK: Exactly what are we going to do right here? As well as how to be able to collect income fast.

Contents Of Adventure Bar Story MOD APK

1. About Adventure Bar Story
2. Adventure Bar Story MOD APK Feature
3. Get Adventure Bar Story MOD APK
4. More Adventure Bar Story Overview

About Adventure Bar Story

Adventure Bar Story is a unique game because this game is a combination of RPG and bar / restaurant management. The story begins with the presence of Siela and Kamerina, they both manage a place to eat which is already quiet. An investor was interested in buying the place to eat but Siela rejected the idea because the place is a relic of their parents. This is where the game begins, you have to work hard to bring this place to be famous and crowded but get ready because it will be a difficult and long journey.

Unlimited Money and Unlimited Jewel are required which can be obtained from the Adventure Bar Story mod apk. With Unlimited Jewel you can buy materials such as salmon for restaurants, and also buy equipment such as Thortonis to strengthen your character.

Adventure Bar Story MOD APK Feature

Adventure Bar Story MOD APK Unlimited Money Jewel

✓ Unlimited Money
✓ Unlimited Jewel
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

Get Adventure Bar Story MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Optimize the mod hack for some devices

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

More Adventure Bar Story Overview

As I said at the beginning of Adventure Bar Story is an interesting blend of RPG with bar / restaurant management, lets start with the RPG elements first. In this game there are two ways to buy ingredients first by buying them in stores or by exploring areas outside the city. Like RPG games in general, you can explore an area to get foodstuffs, these ingredients do not all drop from the monsters that you defeat, even most are just lying on the ground. The RPG elements are quite solid, each character has STR, VIT or INT status and even Adventure Bar Stroy uses 8 types of status. Each character also has resistance to several statuses. Whereas for Equipment there are 4 slots including weapons. The battle system uses a turn base system like final fantasy where you have to choose between attacking, defending, using skills or running away on each of your turns.

So the RPG elements are very strong, then what about the cooking simulation elements themselves? In this Adventure Bar Story game there are 2 large sections of bar / restaurant simulation. The first is to make the food yourself, you can make food through recipes or try to find your own combination. There are a lot of food ingredients available in this game but unfortunately not all recipes make sense so finding your own recipe combination can sometimes be a tedious job because you keep on eating ingredients. The second part is to sell it, after you have cooked enough then you can decide which one to sell and which one to eat. Unfortunately there is no animation like the customer entered and ordered, you will immediately be told how many were sold and the remaining how much so the sales process will only take less than 5 seconds.

So you have two big elements now, RPG and cooking simulation, and to make it a little more complex the adventure process you face monsters will not make you level up (but will open new skills). You can level up by eating your own food, each dish has a different amount of exp according to the level of difficulty when making it. So now you have to decide whether to eat or sell it. You might also need Excels help to record any recipe experiments youve done.

In terms of graphics and sound adventure bar story can be said to be standard but a good standard. What might be a little lacking is the translation of the text which sometimes seems too pushy, too many sentences in a dialog box so that complete sentences are cut to fit in a dialog box but overall is still very understandable. This game also has a long enough path so that new characters, skills or new recipes are opened proportionally to the completion of the game.

Adventure Bar Story is a game for those RPG lovers who need different and new seasonings. The unique combination of RPG and bar / restaurant management makes this game quite complex and has many features to explore. But a warning for those looking for casual RPG games, Adventure Bar Story is a game that requires trial and error and is a little slow in the groove. But if you like me who like excel data and calculate mathematically then this game is required to be played.


If you feel it is too slow then you can use Adventure Bar Story cheats because with that you no longer need to bother to collect food. You can buy all the ingredients and ingredients in the store using Unlimited Money.


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