Damaged 2: The Ferro Family

Damaged 2: The Ferro Family

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Damaged 2: The Ferro FamilyDamaged 2: The Ferro Family

Home should be perilous, however for Sidney it is. Returning home implies that she needs to face her past. It’s not quite recently the man who hurt Sidney that makes it awful, yet the family that didn’t trust her. They were dead to her, however now that her mother is truly biting the dust things appear to be changed. It’s an opportunity to set things right.

What Sidney doesn’t understand is that she’s dragging Peter into a crash course with his past. Subside must manage the evil spirits frequenting him in the event that he needs to advance with Sidney. He will surrender everything for her, even swim further into his past life to help her turn forward. In any case, Peter isn’t sure on the off chance that he can get over what transpired in New York.

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