Dreamseller: An Addiction Memoir

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Dreamseller: An Addiction MemoirDreamseller: An Addiction Memoir

“Skate, medications, and shake “n” move!”โ€” Kat Von D, LA Ink

Forward by Tony Hawk

Skateboarder and Jackass star Brandon Novak confesses about his insane ascent to notoriety, spiral into habit, and other outrageous tricks headed straight toward recuperation…

At seven, Brandon was a skateboard wonder. When he was fourteen, he was experiencing the fantasy. Found by skate legends Bucky Lasek and Tony Hawk. Visiting the U.S. with the world class Powell-Peralta group. Marking signatures and showing up in movies and magazines. Brandon had it all. At that point he got snared on heroin.

Before long the best in class star was carrying on with a disheartened life in a carport, asking for change, and hustling to score his next settle. He stole from his family and companions. He pushed the dream that everything was alright, that he was going to recovery, getting help, and showing signs of improvement. Be that as it may, it was every one of the a lie.

This is the narrative of a fiendโ€”a dreamseller who quit trusting the falsehoods he was offering and began putting stock in himself. With the assistance of his superstar mate Bam Margera of Jackass popularity, Brandon joined the cast of MTV’s Viva La Bam and made a fair reach for temperance. The street was hard, and he had a few falls. In any case, similar to any extraordinary skateboarder, Brandon Novak was constantly resolved to get up again . . .

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