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Eatme io MOD APK: You are able to discuss the techniques of getting Unlimited Shells through our mod to others. however, it is better if you merely like it yourself.

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1. About Eatme io
2. Eatme io MOD APK Feature
3. Get Eatme io MOD APK
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About Eatme Io

It seems like games with frill .io keep popping up. Apart from big players like,, almost all other .io games are only popular for an instant and are lost to the earth. Here is Eatme.ios review of la-mealturgadget.

I was full enough to play .io games, like the three games mentioned above. Coupled with and several other .io games that I dont remember the name of. Maybe Im addicted to the game .io.

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So, in early 2016 I predicted that would defeat in terms of popularity. Now in early 2017, I will say that will be a new challenger and you need to try.

Eatme IO mod apk will give you unlimited shells (or unlimited money). You can exchange your shells into unlimited coins. Letting you feed your fish without any problems.

Eatme Io MOD APK Feature

Eatme Io MOD APK Unlimited Shells

βœ“ Unlimited Shells
βœ“ No root needed
βœ“ Install the apps directly on mobile
βœ“ SSL encryption on application
βœ“ Easy User Interface

Get Eatme Io MOD APK

Latest changelog:
β˜‘ Smoother exposure to the improvements

β˜‘ Android 4.0 versions or above
β˜‘ Stable internet connection
β˜‘ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
β˜‘ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

More Eatme Io Overview

If you play this game on PC you will miss this game. If you play on a mobile device, you must have tried it. If not, I suggest to try it.

Imagine β€œthe big eat the small” like, but you are not a cell but a fish. And instead of just splitting, you can fire your bowel droppings to slow down enemies, divide to get food faster, and evolve into bigger and more vicious killing machines. Thats roughly the gameplay in

And, the time in each round of play is limited to 2 minutes. You have to compete with other players to be the best when it comes to eating. If you open a new evolution, you can choose a new evolution and have special abilities. Every round ends you will get gold and even a bowl of fish to get an evolution piece and other items.

This is one of the .io games with progress, in this case the progress is when you get a new fish and a new evolution. Coupled with raising their levels individually.

Every fish and sea creature that you unlock has its own special abilities. For example, piranhas who can shoot a lot of poop poop at once in one skill use. In addition, Octopus and its evolution can fire ink to blind the enemy, although each octopus shoots a different ink.

You cannot choose evolution in battle. However, you can choose it before the game starts.

Opening fish and new creatures takes a long time without using Real Money. That said, the gameplay style is quite fun without having to spend a lot of money.

What I like is statistics, and you can compare your rankings with other players. After statistics and leaderboard, this game also has a tournament system where tough players will fight fiercely. But you should not follow it first.

Very similar to You make it big by eating and protecting yourself from bigger creatures. Movement in this game is relatively slower than other .io games, but when your fish is better, you will be faster, and respawn faster when it dies.

You evolve by eating fish pills or other fish to fill XP bars, then you will automatically evolve to become bigger in your evolution chain.

I suggest you try it. Because even though this game is called an clone, brings a lot of new things so it doesnt feel like a clone game.


Eatme io cheats will make your fish bigger and stronger easier. You can feed it with many kinds of food that increase your fish level.


– Google Play Eatme Io MOD APK Unlimited Shells
– Junglee Games
– Hungry fish fun game
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Eatme Io MOD APK Unlimited Shells DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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Eatme Io MOD APK Unlimited Shells DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
Password: no password