Hard & Reckless by Victoria Ashley

Hard & Reckless by Victoria Ashley

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Hard & Reckless by Victoria AshleyHard & Reckless

by Victoria Ashley (Goodreads Author)

Cole King… the name alone leaves an awful taste in my mouth, an indication of how he softened my trust up the most noticeably awful way that is available.

My closest companion of twenty fucking years.

He had my back and I had his.


Until he went too far.

Presently dreams of him sinking between my young lady’s legs, making her shout in all the ways just I should’ve been doing, frequent me, blended with pictures of all the ways I can tear his damn throat out.

I’ve attempted to overlook it and proceed onward, however I can’t.

Approaches to exact even only a little bit of the agony he made me feel fucking expends me.

Some place in his messed up, contorted personality, he thought it is alright to share my young lady.


Presently, he gets the opportunity to perceive what it feels like to share what is his.

Brooke Collins…

Ideally she can deal with the two of us, since I expect to make Cole work for her.

The critical step will ensure she falls for the correct one at last.

I don’t mean for that to be me…

In any event, not until I experience her.

That one touch alone is sufficient to change the fucking diversion.

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