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About Ikemen Sengoku Romances Across Time

Sengoku Ikemen Romances Across Time, or abbreviated as Ikesen, tells about you, as MC (Main Character) a girl who has a dream to become a fashion designer. One day the MC visited one of the famous temples in Japan. Since the data is malem, in that place its been quiet, theres only him and one guy. Somehow, suddenly the MC (and the guy) was attracted to a wormhole. Then when it came to his senses, the MC was inside Honno-ji temple that was on fire, just at the time of the life of a famous warlord which we might not have known was being threatened. The warlord is who else if not: Oda Nobunaga!

The MC turned out to be interesting to the past. Long story short, MC then rescued Oda Nobunaga from events that history knew to be the last moments of the warlord. At first the MC or the guy he saved was Oda Nobunaga. When Nobunaga saw how courageous and presumptuous the MC was with him, Nobunaga was immediately attracted to and declared that the MC was his lucky charm, ordering the MC to stay in his castle and then appoint the MC to be chatelaine a girl who had the responsibility to take care of home affairs.

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Ikemen Sengoku Romances Across Time MOD APK Feature

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More Ikemen Sengoku Romances Across Time Overview

Not long after that, the MC met again with the guy who was pulling into the wormhole with him. The guy took the name Sarutobi Sasuke, a famous fiction ninja, so he felt his existence would not affect history too much. Sasuke explained that the next wormhole would open about 3 months later, so the MC had to prepare to return to the future within that period. Sasuke also reminded the MCs not to fall in love with anyone, so the situation wont be complicated.

MC so badass. It means that unlike the MC-MC in Otome laen which is usually the nature of let it flow, held by men, instead it is handled, etc. The MC in Ikesen is straight to the point. If you are not sure of something, he will ask and try to get clarity. The main thing is the MC is not reluctant to throw what is on his mind.

Plus here is not the MC who pursues the guy he likes, but rather the guys who do the chasing. On average they are curious because of the MCs impudence that is not like ordinary girls of that era (perhaps). Because of that, the storyline is very fresh and fun, it doesnt make us weak. I also havent even the slightest bit with this MC.

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Art doesnt need to be commented on anymore. Yamashiro-sensei managed to build a character with absolutely gorgeous illustrations! The lords appearance isnt just in that pose either, but their head position and expression can change but still be confused. No words left to say its about art.

The story. Yep, Ikesens own story is exciting and not cliche, according to me. The romance is okay, touching, and indeed the rating is for 16 years and above anyway. Not that there is really a smut, so far Im just implied smut, and it doesnt make me feel awkward reading it. The ignorance is getting and really boring, especially with comments that like to emerge from sassy MC. Only this time I play Automobage who can make me admit.

One thing that might make this game different from other otomobage is that there is clear communication between the lords and the MC. That is, their relationship is really built with the flow of communication that is okay. So while playing this game, I never had the slightest thought, “Hah, how come they suddenly like each other?” Or, “The flow is so fast!”. Familiarity between characters also doesnt feel sudden or forceful. This is really a cool plus point.

But one of Ikesens drawbacks is caused by these plus points. The loading time is really long (because I have to load the sounds right) and need a large quota. I suggest that you better use WiFi only if you want to diligently play Ikesen. Anyway, perhaps because of the advantages above, Ikesen is very popular in Japan. Most otome fans around the world already know about this game even before Cybird released the English version. Ikesen was released on the PS Vita port, there is a stage play, various collaborations, and there are ANIMENTS!

Yes, the anime itself is titled Sengoku Ikemen Bromances Across Time (or Toki wo Kakeru ga Koi wa Hajimaranai). Per episode is only 3 and a half minutes long, not telling about the MCs relationship with them but about the relationship between these lords and each other. There isnt even an MC at all.

The form of lords in the anime is also not ikemen (handsome guys) like in games, but they are CHIBI FORM! Suppose the nendoroid of the lords interact, fight, and even photograph together. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?!?!

Nobunaga is an ore-sama type heavyweight guy plus arrogant. Prayer is used to everyone following his will, so at the beginning he met the MC, Nobunaga casually told the MC to be his girl. With MC badass, of course Nobunaga was strongly rejected.

Now, what I like about Nobunaga and the MC here is that they can solve problems like adults. The MC doesnt like Nobunaga to harass him, and the MC doesnt hesitate right away. Nobunaga didnt get angry, but he listened to the MC until finally they came to an agreement that if the MC wanted to stop Nobunagas actions, the MC just said stop and Nobunaga must have said. Their relationship is finally created on the basis of mutual respect, not because one does not dare to fight the other.

Besides being a super cool warlord and undefeatable, Nobunaga is also very smart. Please route the route yourself if you are curious. Ahh ~ Nobunaga-samaaa

In my personal opinion, Masamune is the ideal type of boyfriend. I havent entered the route because I still repeat Nobu-samas route, but Ive been running the Masamune event, so I know a little more that Masamune is really so sweet really really.

Plus, the eyepatch is that. It doesnt matter even though his eyes are one defective, doi still handsome and sexy. I myself wondered if I as one of the otome game fans had certain fetishes with eyepatch. Byron on MidCin en Shokudaikiri from Touken Ranbu, according to me, is sexy, Masamune in Ikesen is also making documents!

SANADA YUKIMURA, the MC himself thought he was “strikingly handsome.” I agreed. Doi is really interesting. If you like Alyn on the MidCin, then I recommend running route Yukkin. Yep, lets be very tsundere. If based on the description of one of the Cybird members, Yukkin was rich in intelligence in high school. A typical guy who likes to play with you, and when he expressed your feelings, he immediately ran away. Lol.

TOKUGAWA IEYASU, at first he seemed to be rich and cool, not many talk, etc. But it turned out that Ieyasu was even more tsundere than Yukkin. Super duper tsundere, and contradictory. All of his words might hurt too cold, but deep down actually Ieyasu was not cold at all. Examples like this:

TOYOTOMI HIDEYOSHI, I swear that he was very, very caring with everyone. For example, when it comes to MC, Masamune is still chasing after, the one who just doesnt care. Only Hideyoshi convinced them, “Hey, you two! Safety first!

On Nobunagas route, Hideyoshi also used to pay the most attention to the MC. Doi must immediately ask personally with the MC if for example MC looks like its not in the mood. Even during the war, when the MC was left at the campsite while the other cowboys went to the front line, Hideyoshi was the first to return to talk about Nobunagas condition because he knew the MC was again on the run. Ahh ~ hes so sweet and caring ~!

My Pokmon was determined to run Route Hideyoshi immediately if he left later.

ISHIDA MITSUNARI is very clever, nerdy, and the main strategist is Nobunagas team. Mitsun was also the second most care person after Hideyoshi. Plus, the smile is soooooooo

Anyway, the MC himself thinks maybe Mitsun is the most normal guy of all men (in Nobunagas team especially). Mitsun is also a very much sweet talker, even though he himself does not realize that what he is saying is actually teasing the girl he is talking to. So you can flirting easily without her knowing it and without her intending to. Lol.

Mysterious guy who is super jailed. In Nobunagas route, there is one problem with him and the MC that makes him at the same time making me laugh. From the looks of it, it looks like Mitsuhide is a clever, crafty person, and we dont know what he really thinks. Thats why hes labeled as a mysterious person.

Even so, Nobunaga strongly believes in Mitsuhide. We know from history that Mitsuhide was the one who finally betrayed Nobunaga, and it was honest to make me keep on carrying on along the route of Nobu is it true that Mitsuhide would betray Nobu, because I liked Nobu and how he was betrayed. But on the other hand I also like BANGET with Mitsuhide and I like him to be mean.

Instead I keep talking about my dilemma, so you can play Nobunagas own route and see how Mitsuhide is. What is clear, I AM VERY PENGEN NGEJALANIN ROUTE-NYA MITSUHIDE!

The Warlord is dashing in another faction that is against Nobunaga. I dont know much about him, but based on the event Ive run, Shingen is a super flirty guy. So look at the MC, he must be seducing the MC.

And he is also good. When I accidentally met with Masamune at the dango shop, when he knew Masamune again, he left Shingen diem-diem leaving a plate of dango as a birthday greeting for Masamune, even though in fact Masamune was his enemy.

Super beautiful and super intense. Doi really likes to fight and likes challenges. Doi is also cold with everyone, but has charisma that cannot be rejected.

Strangely, there is an implication that Kenshin considers love to be self-destructive. At an event he once told the MC to get away with him with a sad expression. Make me wonder.

Nobunaga really hated him because he had a grudge with Nobu. So the enemy of Nobu was actually not just Kenshins faction, but also Kennyo and his followers.

Anyway, even though Kennyo is very rich and maybe it doesnt make you interested, somehow I am personally curious about him. Because even though he looks out of reach because of the age difference with the MC that must be far away, but Kennyo has his own attraction. Its hard to explain. My suggestion, try watching anime Ikesen episode 5, bro. I say no.

Man, who came to the past with MC. Cool and always calm, even though he arrived in the past 4 years before MC. Doi is a graduate student (if I dont misguide) the department of astrophysical theory (just swear the name of the department makes me dizzy).

I dont know what he did for 4 years, but his skill as a ninja at that time could not be underestimated. Sasuke also became a member of the Kenshin faction, which means that technically the enemy MC is participating in Nobunagas faction. But Sasuke never left or bothered the MC just like that. Sasuke likes to infiltrate Nobu castle to find MCs, just ask what the MC is doing or to give important info regarding how they return to the future.

The most interesting thing is when the MC told Sasuke, on the battlefield, that finally the MC and Nobu were invented. Sasukes reaction made me admit.

If for the Ikesen game system, it is just like the other otome mobages, including ticket chapter 5 every day, there are lessons that must be followed and dress-up avatars to skip certain checkpoints in the story. There is also a Gacha system for completing the lord puzzle that we have chosen and we can get things to decorate our Castle, plus get story pieces from the lord point of view that we choose if we can get the Premium piece. Try to get this Premium discount because I guarantee you wont regret it.

Overall, I really like Ikesen. Im not surprised why in 2 years Cybird released Ikesen in Japan, where his fame has gone. Its not only in Japan, but also in the whole world, so theres no need to hesitate to install this game, because Sengoku Ikemen Romance Across Time IS VERY RECOMMENDED !!


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