Laid Open by Lauren Dane

Laid Open by Lauren Dane

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Laid Open by Lauren DaneLaid Open

by Lauren Dane

All she expected to pack was a couple of two-pieces, a toothbrush and some sunscreen. This is the thing that Ben disclosed to Erin when he gave her and Todd tickets to Fiji and the guarantee of ten days of only resting until at whatever point they needed, sex without locking the entryway and loads of alone time.

Also, that is the thing that they have. Long days and evenings loaded with delight. Sufficiently long that the anxiety and weariness drops away and the three can basically appreciate each other.

They have warm. Like never before some time recently. Energizing their batteries has likewise brought new levels of closeness and association. Be that as it may, when Erin staggers over the agony of her past, both men gather as one to help her through, as well as to help each different also.


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