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Letters from the Chestnut Tree CafeLetters from the Chestnut Tree Cafe

Thought crimes in Britain and Greece (1984 is finally here)

by Winnifrith Tom

Obviously in the event that you are profoundly obstinate (which Tom is) not everybody adores you. His compositions have uncovered, parodied, insulted and mocked a reasonable few society. Be that as it may, nobody is compelled to peruse what he composes. The blog on which this digital book is based is not a vote based system but rather particularly a tyranny. Be that as it may, it has its fans. An old buddy of Tom’s, Dru Edmonstone, sympathetically stated: “Tom ought to have a vocation as a high quality comic. With regards to speculation composing, he sets the standard that we might all want to take after. Now and again right of Genghis Khan and different circumstances left of Bob Crowe, his words never neglect to state it as it is with expert, honesty and heaps of amusingness. An every day MUST READ loaded with Investment Viagra.” And so we result in these present circumstances digital book. Over the span of the late spring and early Autumn of 2012 Tom delivered around 400,000 words. Articles showed up at the rate of up to nine a day. It appeared like a smart thought to deliver a treasury of the most elite. Here it is. There is significantly more dynamic material that we couldn’t discover space for here on – and more seems each day.

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