Meat Fix by John Nicholson

Meat Fix by John Nicholson

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Meat Fix by John NicholsonThe Meat Fix

How a lifetime of healthy eating nearly killed me!

by John Nicholson

For twenty-six years, John Nicholson was a vegan. No meat, no fish, no blame. He was a mobile advert for good dieting. Cocoa rice, natural product, vegetables, low fat and low cholesterol – in the clash of good sustenance versus terrible, he ought to have been on the triumphant side. In any case, the inverse was valid: his eating routine was making him sick. Truly sick. Joint agony? Tick. Depletion? Tick. Interminable IBS and heaps? Tick, tick. Also the fat gut and the out of this world cholesterol. His psyche may have overlooked its preference for fragile living creature and blood however had his body? Tired of being wiped out, John chose to do the unbelievable: eat meat. The outcomes were astounding. Twenty after four hours, he could rest easy. Following forty-eight hours he was battling fit. Twelve months on, he had turned into another individual. He was initially stunned, then charmed, then damn irate. The Meat Fix diagrams one man’s excursion to the highest point of the evolved way of life, revealing a substitute universe of research denouncing all that we ponder good dieting as meager more than figment, mystery and promoting. The body is a sanctuary – yet, as John Nicholson found, we may have overlooked how to love it.

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