How a Little Car Can Teach the World to Think Big and Act Bold

by Kevin Freiberg; Jackie Freiberg; Dain Dunston

Do you have the eyes, the ears, and the hands to be a Nanovator? You’re going to discover.

In India, whole families?too poor to bear the cost of a car?crowd onto a solitary engine bike each day to overcome the tangled activity reeling through the roads. One night Tata Motor’s admired director Ratan Tata saw something on those rain-doused roads that both stunned him and birthed a fantasy: an over-burden bike lost footing in a bustling crossing point and sent a few individuals from the family tumbling over the asphalt. At that time Nanovation flourished in Tata’s creative ability.

The general concept should be unthinkable. A sheltered and engaging family auto at the cost of an engine bike? The specialists expelled it. Be that as it may, Ratan Tata was determined. At the point when spending imperatives, outline limitations, the increasing expenses of materials, and political fomentation undermined to crash the venture, Team Nano went ahead. This is the account of how, even with impossible chances, Tata Motors made one of the best developments in the car business since Model-T.

Nanovation has disturbed a whole industry and changed the diversion for India until the end of time. Envision what it can accomplish for your business. Is your organization changing the way society capacities?

What’s your Nanovative thought? It’s an ideal opportunity to go ahead!

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Caution! Try not to peruse this book unless you are prepared to test administration authoritative opinion, underestimated suppositions, and obsolete frameworks by asking “imagine a scenario in which?” and “why not?” to some of your industry’s hardest inquiries.

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