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The Post-Widget SocietyThe Post-Widget Society

Economic Possibilities for Our Children

by Lawrence H. Summers; Chrystia Freeland

Lawrence H. Summers introduces another worldview for contemplating the current financial and innovative upheaval

We are slammed by the feeling that everything is quickening: Digital innovation is changing the way we work, shop, and mingle. But for all the discussion about troublesome advancements, monetary development is generally dormant. We are informed that with new advancements normal natives are enabled as at no other time, but then wide swaths of the populace feel frail and can no longer rely on stable vocations and a superior life for their youngsters. As Lawrence H. Summers appears in The Post-Widget Society, these are the Catch 22s that characterize the monetary upset that is changing our reality.

At the heart of this unrest are two emotional advancements in Western economies: the declining noteworthiness of gadgets (mass-delivered merchandise) and the ascent of outline products (items that cost a great deal to plan yet little to create); and the questionable prospect of mainstream stagnation, the long haul wonder of irrelevant monetary development and discouraged work in a dynamic market economy. Composed with Chrystia Freeland, Summers’ trenchant examination of these patterns uncovers that they have significant ramifications not just for the fate of employments and broadening salary imbalance additionally for the way of the state and the very strength of society.

A strong, pathbreaking book by one of our most vital financial specialists, The Post-Widget Society is fundamental perusing for each American worried about our monetary and political future.

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