Master Access 2016 Training Course – 18 Hours of Access 2016 Training for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Learners

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  • FROM BEGINNER TO ADVANCED: Whether you’re a beginner at Access 2016 who wants to understand the software or an advanced learner who wants to update your knowledge, Simon Sez IT will help you achieve your goal. This professional training course will teach you everything you need to know, so that you can use MS Access with confidence.
  • A COMPLETE TRAINING COURSE: The Access 2016 DVD-ROM includes 118 video tutorials, as well exercise files to test your knowledge and understanding. The disc also includes instructor demo files, which can be used by the instructor, should you decide to have one or to be one.
  • MASTER ALL OF THE MS ACCESS FEATURES: The Simon Sez IT training course will teach you how to use all of the MS Access tools and features. More specifically, by the end of this course you will be able to create and manage databases, design forms, generate reports, create macros, and so much more. All these sound difficult now, but the easy and hands-on software training course will help you master everything effortlessly!
  • TAILOR THE COURSE TO YOUR NEEDS: The best thing about the Simon Sez IT training course is that it is 100% self-paced. The 118 video tutorials can be completed in 18 hours, however, you are free to play, pause, rewind and repeat them whenever you want. Plus, you can watch the videos from the comfort of your home. Learn completely at your own pace!
  • AN UNDOUBTEDLY SUCCESSFUL COURSE: Here at Simon Sez IT, we have been creating software training courses since 2008 and we have over 400,000 users in over 180 countries who have benefited from our comprehensive learning programs. If they can do it, so can you! Get the Access 2016 software training today and be sure that you will master it!

Master Access 2016 Alone At Home!

Why pay a fortune on online or private courses when you can master Access 2016 from the comfort of your couch and at your own pace?

Simon Sez IT presents you with one more professional training course, which will update your knowledge and teach you data management.

Like all Simon Sez IT courses, this one is also self-paced, so it is up to you when you will follow it and how fast you will finish it.

Are You New To Access 2016?

This training course is ideal for beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced learners.

Once you finish the 118 video tutorials, exercises and quizzes of the DVD-ROM, you will be able to:

Sort information and run queries
Create tables and relationships
Design forms (and advanced form options)
Generate reports
Split the frontend and backend of a database
Create macros
Understand Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

The Simon Sez IT Training Course Is The Best Choice!

Or at least that’s what our 400,000 users from all over the world tell us.

Our software training courses have helped many individuals, businesses and companies evolve and increase their productivity.

So if you want to update and upgrade your knowledge in order to complete a personal project or help your business, get this training course as soon as possible!

So what are you waiting for? Knowledge is one click away!

Place An Order And Start The Access 2016 Training Course Today!

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