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Stealing Your LifeStealing Your Life

The Ultimate Identity Theft Prevention Plan

by Frank W. Abagnale

The charming falsifier deified in the film Catch Me If You Can uncovered the surprising strategies of today’s wholesale fraud culprits and offers effective systems to frustrate them in view of his second vocation as an acclaimed misrepresentation battling expert.

Consider these calming realities:

*Six out of ten American organizations and government offices have as of now been hacked.

*An evaluated 80 percent of birth testament solicitations are satisfied through the mail for individuals utilizing just a name and an arrival address. So I could take your name and utilize my address, and get your introduction to the world declaration. From that point I’m set for the races.

*Americans compose 39 billion checks a year, and half of these people never accommodate their bank explanations.

*A Social Security number expenses $49 on the underground market. A driver’s permit goes for $90. A birth endorsement will set you back $79.

At the point when Frank Abagnale trains law implementation officers around the nation about fraud, he approaches officers for their names and addresses and nothing more. In a matter of hours he can acquire all that he would need to take their lives: Social Security numbers, dates of birth, current compensations, financial records numbers, the names of everybody in their families, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This outlines how simple it is for anybody from anyplace on the planet to expect our characters and in a matter of hours demolish our lives in ways that can take years to recuperate from. Looking at that as a crisp casualty is hit like clockwork, Stealing Your Life is the reference everybody needs by a phenomenal expert on the most recent wholesale fraud plans.

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