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Virtual Villagers Origins MOD APK: Just saw on some message boards with regards to this specific Virtual Villagers Origins mod, almost most of them didnt work anymore. Just found the problem of its and re-released it all over again with these shoes, its well worth to try.

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About Virtual Villagers Origins

Some villagers fled their land, because of a volcanic eruption. They fled by boat, and finally stranded on the edge of an island. They again began to build new villages, and tried to survive on the new island, which was named Isola by them.

Unfortunately, from a small number of villagers who ran away, all of them did not have expertise. And, arguably, they are truly blind about how to survive. Well, here is the task for players to give them a guide to survival, and provide a way for them to be able to make their village that once achieved greatness can come back again. That was the essence of the Last Day of Work game made by the Origins Virtual Villagers.

Virtual Villagers Origins mod apk can help you to get unlimited food and unlimited tech points. You will encounter no trouble for upgrading the building.

Virtual Villagers Origins MOD APK Feature

Virtual Villagers Origins MOD APK Unlimited Food Tech Points

Virtual Villagers Origins MOD APK Unlimited Food Tech Points DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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✓ Unlimited Food
✓ Unlimited Tech Points
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

Get Virtual Villagers Origins MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Slight improvement for Android simple security

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

More Virtual Villagers Origins Overview

Virtual Villagers Origins use drag and drop style control. So, to give orders to a resident, players only need to touch them, move them to a certain location, and drop them at that location. For example, if a player wants to send a resident to pick fruit, then drag and drop the population onto fruit trees. Or, if you want to order them to do research, do the same, and drop them onto the research table.

Unfortunately, because these people really still lack expertise, they sometimes only try briefly to carry out these activities and then give up. So, players must try to order them to do this again. And, if it still cant, maybe the population is really stupid on the subject. Its best to look for other residents who might be smarter.

Each resident can be trained to do their own, and there is data on a special page that shows their expertise. But unfortunately, players will sometimes find a resident who really does not have special skills. So, you could say he would just hang around in the village without contributing, aka unemployment.

In addition to the adult population, there are also small children who roam the village. These small children cannot be given orders as usual, because they are still too small. However, they can be ordered to pick mushrooms which sometimes grow around the village. Until these children finally grow up, then they can be ordered to contribute to the progress of the village.

Because there is a name for age, as a way to ensure that the village is not extinct because the population dies all because of aging, then they can undergo and make connections to have children. The trick, players must drop the male population to female residents so that they can and then produce children. Funny thing is, they cant just arbitrarily relate to it, because there are times when they dont match each other. Yes, just like human relations in the real world. Mothers who have children will be busy to take care of their children until the child begins to walk alone and roam the village, so that the player will lose one productive resident when doing this.

If the player has managed to train the villagers in the basics of survival, then they can be left for a while (aka turn off the app) and they will be able to work on their own. That is, when the player closes the app, the technology points and food that is being collected will continue to run according to time.

As mentioned earlier, there are things called Technology points, which can be used to buy technology upgrades. For example, technology for farming. This is important, because food sources such as fruits can run out. And, if its finished, you can woe the village if there are no other food sources.

There are many mysteries on the island of Isola that must be solved by players. And, all of that will depend on the players ability to regulate the population. For example, finding ways to dismantle wells, build houses, and so on. All of that is an interesting challenge to be lived in the game Virtual Villagers Origins.

All Virtual Villagers series, including this mobile game, appear with simple but beautiful graphics, with the ability for players to zoom as close as possible to see how scary the residents are, whose heads can be turned as far as possible. The game is also supported by songs that soothe the heart and funny sound effects. Each resident can also speak, such as “Oh” or “Hey.” In fact, there are kissing sound effects when they hug, which unfortunately are not really animated to such an extent.

Since long ago, the Virtual Villagers series has always been released free-to-play. And, the Origins Virtual Villagers can still be played for free. As long as you can be patient in playing this mobile game, players dont need to do the existing microtransaction, even though the upgrade is really helpful. Like, giving 2x bonus permanently to food production, buying technology points to open new technologies, even buying food. But, whats the point of being able to do that easily, right? After all, there is a feature where players can watch advertising videos to get a bonus. So, if you are connected to the Internet, take advantage of these features. However, dont worry, Virtual Villagers Origins dont need an Internet connection at all to play.

Using Virtual Villagers, the food starving and die can be hacked. You will get many advantages by using the food mod.

If there is one thing that is disturbing in playing this Virtual Villagers Origins, it is imperative for players to always check the survival of the village. Because, the residents will not last long if they run out of food. And, it could be, when you open the Origins Virtual Villagers app after a few days later, you will find bones that are the remains of the bodies of your villagers. Certainly, it would be sad to see that. Therefore, the game may not be abandoned for too long.

But, broadly speaking, this Origins Virtual Villagers game is fun to play. And, it feels good to see these residents able to build villages, and see their children running around happily. If you are a fan of building a village or city build-up game, try the Virtual Villagers Origins now.


Virtual Villagers Origins cheats can help you to get the tech points, which is needed to research new building or discover new objects.


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– Last Day of Work, LLC
– Virtual Villagers: Origins
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Virtual Villagers Origins MOD APK Unlimited Food Tech Points DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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Virtual Villagers Origins MOD APK Unlimited Food Tech Points DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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